Gilles Lorin photographer printmaker
photographer, alchemist & printmaker


Palladium print & pure gold leaf on Japanese gampi
Unique edition of 7 prints + AP

While the word "divine" may suggest a religious character to many, it can also be defined by "something that we find exceptional, perfect, sublime" (Larousse dictionary) It is the latter that I am exploring with photographs I have taken over the years. I've come to realize that we the divine surrounds us if we take the time to slow down and look around. These prints are in a way profane icons of our world, a transcendental portrait of our environment. The choice of materials is very important in my work because it helps me communicate an idea or the mood of a photograph. The portfolio "Divin" consists of palladium prints on a very thin japanese gampi tissue, mounted with 24-carat gold leaf. Gold leaf has been used in art to celebrate the divine by many civilizations over thousand of years, and has been a source of inspiration for these prints. Some will recognize my fondness for Japanese byōbu folding screens from the Kano and Rimpa schools. These very large screens were very often decorated with gold leaf to bring light in rooms. The choice of palladium, belonging to the group of platinum metals, is intentional because of its warmth, which complements well gold. Combining both precious metals on paper took a long period of maturation, which necessitated over five years of or research and trials.